Renault Alconi R10 Official Road test - (incl. R8, Gordinis etc. ) Car Magazine, August 1967. Also R8 Gordini 1300 performance figures (Autocar 1967)

  Road Test reprint of the Renault  "Alconi", R8/10 & Gordinis from  South African "Car" Magazine, Aug, 1967.

Reprinted from South African "Car" Magazine, August 1967

Comparison road test of R8 Gordini 1100 by Car Magazine, Sept 65

June, 1966 "Car" Magazine road test of the Renault 10 (with Caravelle engine)

Autocar 1967 Road Test performance figures R8 Gordini 1300cc

Looking back at the results, these accomplishments look less than astonishing today.
However, it must be born in mind that Karl Benz, Daimler, Rudolf Diesel, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Louis Renault, Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman, even Galileo and the Wright Brothers were all enthusiastic pioneers, using only the really amateur tools at their disposal to make the admirable breakthroughs of their day.
As Carl Sagan expressed so eloquently, all the talented and energetic geniuses of today were able to stand on the shoulders of the originators and developers and see further.

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